Sedertien Egmond se iTunes Connect profiel in Oktober 2015 die lig gesien het, is daar reeds verskeie liedjies en demos beskikbaar gestel hier om gratis te luister. In 'n "bold move" en met min oortuiging het Egmond in mid Desember 2015 afgekondig dat hy 'n klompie voorheen onbeskikbare demos gaan bekend stel op die platform.

Die liedjies vorm almal deel van 'n 24-stuk album wat uit 2 volumes bestaan. Volume 1 bevat 12 Engelse demos wat geskryf is tussen 2003 en 2004. Volume 2 bevat 12 Afrikaanse demos wat geskryf is tussen 2004 en 2011. Volgens Egmond is die meeste van sy demos eenvoudige akoestiese produksies wat hy self opgeneem het sodra hy die liedjie klaar geskryf het. "Die meeste van die tyd was dit ek en my rekenaar en as ek klaar was het ek dit so opgeneem. In baie van die demos kan jy eintlik die rekenaar geluide hoor in die agtergrond!"

Op Volume 1 is die oorspronklike eerste liedjie in sy rouste vorm, This Morning, wat hy reeds in 1997 begin skryf het maar eers voltooi het in 2003. Naas die liedjie, wat later opgeneem is as V'more, is daar ook die oorspronklike Engelse weergawes van die bekende treffers As Jy Wil (Face Of A Star) en Mors (Hairdo) - beide is ook ingesluit op iTunes as deel van hul 'parent' single releases. Daar is verder 9 voorheen onbeskikbare demos waarvan slegs 'n handjievol in 2003 en 2004 opgevoer is.

Op Volume 2 is veel bespiegelde liedjies wat nooit die debuut album of Vuil Wasgoed gehaal het nie, soos Een Ding ('n demo wat slegs halfpad opgeneem was in 2010 - alhoewel die woorde vir die 2de vers geskryf is), Rooi (wat klink asof dit deur 'n platespeler speel) en Papparazzi (wat volgens Egmond een van sy pa se gunsteling liedjies is). Nie al die liedjies is net met 'n akoestiese kitaar opgeneem nie. Daar is ook 'n paar wat 'n drumline bevat. Die oorspronklike demo van Mors wat in Desember 2003 opgeneem is by Renier Henn, is ook ingesluit, en gee 'n totale ander agtergrond en klank aan die treffer. Die treffer Vlieg bevat ander lirieke terwyl die debuut album treffers Verslaaf en Iewers se demos 'n dieper kykie gee aan die ontstaan van die liedjies.

Die album was snit vir snit bekendgemaak op iTunes Connect waar dit gratis op hierdie platform beskikbaar gestream kan word. Die volledige Volume 1 is tussen 10 en 12 Desember 2015 bekendgestel, terwyl die volledige Volume 2 tussen 15 en 18 Desember 2015 uitgereik is. Elke liedjie is gepaard gegaan met kommentaar oor die demo en is versamel hier onder.

- Volume 1 -
1) This Morning
2) Another Day, Another Dollar
3) Face Of A Star
4) I'm A Flower
5) Hairdo
6) Innocent
7) That Night
8) Blink Twice
9) Don't Think I Don't Love You
10) For The Moment
11) True Love
12) Go in Peace

- Volume 2 -
1) Verslaaf
2) In My Arms
3) Oorsee
4) Gister
5) Iewers
6) Mors
7) Rooi
8) Papparazzi
9) SÍ Nou
10) Brug Lelies
11) Een Ding
12) Vlieg

- Volume 1 -
01) This Morning:
Exclusive to iTunes Connect. Here is the first song and the one that started it all: This Morning!

02) Another Day, Another Dollar
Also written in 2003. My friend Nathi Louw liked it. Today the words sound angry. I was when I wrote it. Catchy tune though. And title.

03) Face Of A Star
Another ditty from the early days! Face Of A Star was the title track of the supposed debut English album btw. Turned into As Jy Wil in 2007. Like the melody, but more silly lyrics...

04) I'm A Flower
I'm A Flower was chosen as the second song to be recorded for the debut English album way back in '03. It was scheduled for recording in December but replaced by the Afrikaans recording of V'more. Inspired by Ace of Base's Life Is A Flower, of course. Things would've gone in a very different direction if it was actually recorded and released as the second single.

05) Hairdo
Love this song. Title inspired by Roxette's Opportunity Nox lyric about a certain individual's hairdo. Written 3 days before my 23rd birthday in 2003. Translated in December that year and recorded as Mors. Could've been an English hit!!!

06) Innocent
Written after a relationship went south. Included a made up prhase "umbonario" meaning "you gotta be kidding me / really / whatever / tough sh*t!" etc.

07) That Night
Yes indeed, there was a "sequel" of sorts written for This Morning called That Night. Might still record this melody in Afrikaans one day. Clever tune. Proud of it. Written way back in August of '03 before moving from Modimolle to Hermanus.

08) Blink Twice
Blink Twice, written in Hermanus, has 2 demos. This one is the acoustic version. The other had some programming added to it. That version sounded tired though and the actual melody got lost in the drumloop and plastic choirs.

09) Don't Think I Don't Love You
One of my first tries at writing a ballad. Came out beautiful. Performed it several times too! Don't Think I Don't Love You has a beautiful melody and lyric. Hope to record it one day. Afrikaans title is Storms Van Die Lewe (the storms of life).

10) For The Moment
I love this song! It was intended to be included on Ongevraagde "Hello" but ultimately never recorded, then planned for Vuil Wasgoed but skipped in favour of ReŽn Aan Die Brand Steek. An awesome tune. Chuffed with it. It was also performed many times way back in 2003!

11) True Love
True Love... A grand notion and quite possible - if you know where to look! The demo speaks for it self.

12) Go in Peace
The closing track and last English demo in this collection is the sad Go In Peace. Fooled around with my guitar. Came up with this one. Good night!

- Volume 2 -
01) Verslaaf
Here is the first track from the iTunes Connect Demos album, Volume 2: Verslaaf. Inspired by The Lord Of The Rings, with obvious references, the whole song started after looking at a view that appeared to be from The Fellowship Of The Ring movie! I was inspired. And in love. Still am. The song was one of the first songs written in Afrikaans and not translated from an existing song. Wrote it in April 2004, recorded in studio on 28 Feb 2008, released as single in August 2015 from the 1 Dosyn greatest hits album.

02) In My Arms
In My Arms is one of the first Afrikaans songs written. A live version is included in the 2016 Brug Lelies anniversary single. Funny that the title is spelled the same way in English and has the same meaning. Hopefully it can be recorded one day. It's a real uptempo love song!

03) Oorsee
Oorsee actually has a different title and second demo of the same song. That version is faster and is called Ek Het Jou Lief. Lyrics are 90% the same. Will release that version one day... Written for a lost love who went overseas...

04) Gister
A great demo! A song I'm really proud of. Even more so than its studio version. The debut album's title is in here too. Today I'd have liked this song to have sounded like Kom Red My. Maybe one day it will be treated to a remake too. It was my first ever Afrikaans song written from scratch in my mother tongue...

05) Iewers
Here's a fun demo! Originally called Iewers In Pretoria. English title: Me, The Absolutely Fabulous. Groovy!!!

06) Mors
Kicking up the demos by a notch is Mors. This gem is a studio demo, and the first attempt at finding the sound of Mors. A fabulous intro. The middle 8 sounds tacky though. Recorded in Dec '03. There is another demo version, but the vocal track got lost. Today only its backtrack remains.

07) Rooi
Quite an interesting song. Written after fellow songbird Marisella said she loved the song Blou from a famous SA singer. So I wrote Rooi's lyrics to an existing English song I had written in 2003. It was meant to be a duet and was planned to be recorded after Gee Voor Jy Groet in 2004, but neither GVJG nor Rooi ever happened then. Quite sad as Marisella's angelic voice made the song sound awesome when we tried it out. This version recorded in 2007 sounds like it was ripped from an LP. It was in the studio to be recorded but replaced by Brug Lelies.

08) Papparazzi
My dad likes this song. In 2008 it was planned as the second album's opening track. That was until the "Ritmes" album came out and the Vuil Wasgoed album turned into two EPs. Lost opportunity. Could've been a hit...

09) SÍ Nou
I don't recall much about SÍ Nou apart from the fact that it is a strong melody. Also planned for inclusion on Vuil Wasgoed. Would have sounded like Iewers if it had been recorded.

10) Brug Lelies
Well well well... Brug Lelies in its purest form. Wrote it with Nathi Louw in the back of a shop in Rosebank.This was recorded to give producer Bernie Millar a guide track for the melody. The final version sounded much different than the version Nathi and I played in the shop's canteen. He plays guitar on the studio version, did you know?

11) Een Ding
I thought that after the success of Dis Elektries that I could repeat it with Een Ding. Yolandi was scheduled to duet on this one too. The second verse was left blank for Yolandi to sing. Een Ding died a quick death after some said it was a bad song. I still love the intro. But perhaps its too dark a song. Recorded verse 2 in 2013 but it sounded stupid. This is the original 2010 recording in its unifished state. Maybe one day it can be revived in a more power pop form...

12) Vlieg
The last demo from the iTunes Connect Demos album is Vlieg. Bad guitar. Sad vocals. Sadder lyrics. But the perfect example of how a strong melody sounds in its simplest form. Listen closely and you'll hear different lyrics too. I wrote the song knowing Yolandi had to sing it with me. There's a video of this recording. A snippet of it ended up in the music video to Jy's In Paradys. Check that one (and of course the Vlieg music video featuring the fabulous Yolandi) out on YouTube!


GISTER (2016 Remix)

Die onverwagte bekendstelling van die iTunes Connect-exclusive single Gister vier die 5de herdenking van Egmond se debuut album Ongevraagde "Hello" in 'n nuwe weergawe.

Gister is uitgereik op die iTunes Music Connect platform waar followers op die platform die eksklusiewe vrystelling gratis kan stream en ook aflaai. Volgens Egmond wou hy nog altyd Gister as enkelsnit uitgereik het, maar dat daar destyds ander liedjies was wat meer radio-friendly was. Die album weergawe was ook volgens Egmond uitgetoets aan 'n gehoor in 2006 maar was nie so goed ontvang soos die ander album snitte nie.

Om die debuut album se 5 jaar herdenking te vier, is Gister weer genader. Naas die bekendstelling van Dis Elektries se 2016 Remake, is daar ook vir Gister 'n nuwe baadjie aangetrek. "Die remix is 'n nuwe cut van die liedjie wat baie meer radio-friendly is as die album weergawe," vertel Egmond.

Die liedjie is in 2004 geskryf en was sy eerste oorspronklike Afrikaanse komposisie. "Voordat ek die Afrikaanse roete gegaan het, het ek net Engelse liedjies geskryf. Ek het nie geweet ek kan dit beter in Afrikaans doen nie. Die meeste van my debuut album snitte was oorspronklik geskryf as Engelse liedjies en ek het vir hulle almal (behalwe Gister en Verslaaf) nuwe Afrikaanse lirieke geskryf."

Egmond noem dat hy dit later sal oorweeg om die liedjie op alle ander digitale platforms bekend te stel, maar vir die album se herdenkings-vieringe bly dit vir eers eksklusief aan iTunes Connect. Die enkelsnit se omslag foto kom vanaf dieselfde foto sessie wat in 2004 gedoen is deur fotograaf Jeannie de Beer vir die debuut album. Die musiek video verteenwoordig ook daardie foto sessie en is in vroeg 2017 ook eksklusief of iTunes Connect bekend gemaak, en later in die You Tube kanaal se Ongevraagde "Hello"-playlist.

1) Gister [2016 Remix]

Woorde & Musiek: Egmond
© Kopiereg SAMRO

"Hello" - ongevraagde "hello". Ongevraagd soos botter op 'n droŽ stuk brood; water wat in slote loop. "Hello" - jou ongevraagde "hello". Ongevraagd soos spasie op 'n dubbel bed; visse in 'n tuna net. Gister, sonder jou was daar gister. MotgereŽnde blou. Nou is die dae waar ons hande kan vashou. In die water kan val as die vure ons neerklou. Gister. "Hello" - jou ongevraagde "hello". Ongevraagd soos aande saam voor ons tv; vakansies saam by die Kaapse see. "Hello" - ongevraagde "hello". Ongevraagd soos die goud wat om ons vingers draai; jou kyk as jy jou arms om my swaai.


EEN DING [Remixes]
(ft Arnaldo Suarez)

Die iTunes Connect platform het sy 2de ekslusiewe single na vore gebring: die veel bespiegelde Een Ding! Die enkelsnit, wat uit twee remixes bestaan, is al laat 2016 reeds voltooi deur Arnaldo Suarez, wat saam met Egmond al in 2012 'n ander collaboration uitgereik het, nl. Ongelooflik.

Egmond het vertel dat hy en Arnaldo Suarez jare lank al oor die snit gepraat het, en dat Een Ding oorspronklik ook deel sou vorm van die 2012 album Ongevraagde "Ritmes". "Daar was net te min tyd gewees destyds om die deadline te haal," vertel hy verder. "Ons het toe maar besluit om net te fokus op Ongelooflik toe en het dit daar gelaat." Jare later is die snit weer besoek om deel te vorm van 'n beplande EP wat op sy geskuif is ten gunste van Egmond se opkomende 2017 projek Sirkus Applous. "Ek wou nogsteeds die remixes bekend stel, en wat 'n beter platform as iTunes Connect!"

Een Ding se oorspronklike demo vorm is ook uitgereik op iTunes Connect in 2015. Die remixes, naamlik die Bial Remix en Sunday Mix, is albei uitgereik laat Maart 2017.

1) Een Ding [Bial Remix]
2) Een Ding [Sunday Mix]

Woorde & Musiek: Egmond
© Kopiereg SAMRO

Een ding - ah ah ah een ding! Hoe gaan dit? Verkwalik jy my nog vir die weerlose misverstand. Vergaan dit so maklik? Of is dit iewers in jou fyn brose hart? Een ding wat ek vir jou wil vra is of jy my kan vergewe en my verdra. En as daar tyd is vir ons om aan te gaan vra ek die een ding van jou en vat my saam vanaand. O ja. Ahaa. Is hierdie een ding te veel gevra?

© 2018 Egmond.