Almost a month after the smash hit Better Days was released, a new 2-track Remix Single was made available. Titled, The Algorrid3m Remix, the single features two versions of the song – the first being the radio version while the second is a 7 minute cut of the track.

On the Lights Blinding album, an alternate intro version of the track is included, which is a fusion between the remix and the single.

In April 2018 Better Days was featured as the Attention Grabber on HOSA Radio, eligible for the station’s English Top 10. The following week the song entered the Top 10 in the number 3 spot. Following the success of the single on the station, the music video became an overnight sensation and garnered its first 10 000 views within a week of its debut in the Top 10. Following this, the song went to the top of the Hosa Radio English Top 10 in the last week of May and stayed in the charts for an impressive 18 weeks.

As a result of the song’s (semi-delayed) success, the planned greatest hits album’s tracklisting was revised. The album Sirkus Applous was originally only going to consist of Egmond’s Afrikaans hits. It’s inclusion resulted in the replacement of it’s Afrikaans counterpart Paradys.

A music video for the remix version was released in June 2019, and the song was also later included on the album Remixed in June 2020.

This version of the single has gone on to become a more popular version on Spotify and iTunes than the original single release, with plays worldwide. In 2024 the song was picked up by BB6’s Don Letts and added to his Spotify playlist. Listen to it here.


Time flies by like lights blinding when you drive at night. Songs playing on your hifi while your thoughts take flight. Remember past reflections of this day and sigh. Noone knew where you would be, don’t cower and cry. You gotta get away, you gotta get away. And find a place in the sky we call better days. Don’t try and shy away. You need to fly away. Into the place in the sky we call better days. You gotta get away, you gotta get away. Time stands still while you’re moving on from yesterday. Melodies have you grooving but no one pressed play. Darkness ever expanding makes you want to stay. Take heart and chase your weakness out of here and say. I gotta get away, I gotta get away. And find a place in the sky you call better days. I will not shy away I need to fly away. Into the place in the sky you call better days. I gotta get away, so very far away. Discover more in the sky and have better days. Play in the shining rays, enjoy a wondrous space. Find paradise in the sky and live better days.

Words: Egmond
Music: Algorrid3m & Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO