During the production of the Algorrid3m hit Better Days in 2017, a sequel titled Even Better Days was presented to Egmond by the EDM hit maker previously known as DJ Slay. The artist fell in love with it and immediately wrote lyrics and a melody to the track and recorded a demo for it.

The song was retitled when the original name couldn’t fit into the chorus; but to honour what was meant to be a sequel of sorts in the name, the old title was worked into the lyrics. The new song was set for inclusion on the 2018 Greatest Hits album Meer Sirkus Applous, but with time running out to record it, it was ultimately replaced by the Christmas Remix of V’more.

Despite being left off the album, plans were still underway to release the song. Filming for its music video took place in March 2019 on the Indian Ocean. A behind-the-scenes video of the recording was released on YouTube the next month. External delays meant that production on the song was pushed into 2020.

Recordings finally took place in June 2020 and Marc Skarda from October Sun Productions (who previously helmed the Paradys single’s production) returned to produce the song. The single was eventually released in December 2020, accompanied by a music video that was filmed the year before. The version edited for the music video was also included on the single release.

The single failed to take off, despite being a favourite in many countries around the globe, with New York listed on Spotify as the city in which the song has been most popular with listeners. In 2022 the release was retired to make way for a remake by Sandy Robbie, which would also eventually feature songbird Kaley.


The brightness in our room dissipates the gloom. It has to be that we are both in tune. We’re anchored in our ways with even better days. Our history repeats while our song plays. Making love to you as we run in all directions, run in all directions to… Everything we say and everything we do will always bring us back to me and you. Hiding in the sun, flying to the moon – it replicates the sum of me and you. Excitement all around; the noise is muted sound. The bond between us has us always bound. Making love to you…

Words: Egmond
Music: Algorrid3m & Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO