Written as a sequel to Better Days, the originally titled “Even Better Days” was set to be recorded in 2018 for the greatest hits album Meer Sirkus Applous. When time ran out, the single was shelved only temporarily, but filming of its music video in 2019 earmarked the song as back in production. Further delays meant that the song would only be recorded in June 2020, and Everything We Say (ft Algorrid3m) eventually saw its release in December that year.

The single failed to take off, despite being a favourite in many countries around the globe, with New York listed on Spotify as the city in which the song has been most popular with listeners. Disappointed by the response, the song was shelved and no further promotion took place.

Fast forward to early 2022, and the opportunity arose to re-record the track with producer Sandy Robbie. The original plan was to include the song on the album Sirkus Applous Encore, but when it was passed on in favour of its Afrikaans counterpart, Pyn, it once again seemed to be the end of the song. Pyn was not completed in time for Sirkus Applous Encore, and the album saw a release with 10 songs versus the planned 13.

When the artist’s 20th anniversary in the music industry neared. a decision was made to release an album consisting of 20 songs. Choosing 20 hits proved difficult, but this made for the opportunity to revisit older songs that never had their chance to shine, and Everything We Say was locked in for the project. Despite Pyn originally sharing the same melody, the production and arrangement, and eventual altered melody lines, meant that both Pyn and Everything We Say would work together on the new collection called Koeksister Pop.

Whilst Pyn was in production, delays during the Afrikaans single’s production meant that there was an opportunity to revisit the recording. Recordings started in August and the original 2020 vocals were pulled form the archives for the new remake. The original version was then retired in September to avoid confusion for the upcoming marketing. While not intended for the song, additional vocals by Australian singer Kaley was recorded in October. “The Sandy Robbie Remake” was completed in November 2022.

The 2020 music video was originally re-edited to accompany the remake, however the footage didn’t match the new vision of the song and a new video was filmed in September 2022. The first imagery appeared on social media shortly after the recording. A “behind the scenes” video was released on YouTube with two teases of the song’s music video. The version used in the video snippet’s tease omitted Kaley’s vocals, which would only be added after filming was completed.

The remake was chosen as the co-lead single for the greatest hits album, Koeksister Pop , alongside Afrikaans single Pyn (ft Kaley). Its music video was completed late November, just two weeks before its premiere. A cameo of Kaley was hidden in the video, with additional footage by CottonBro Studios, Pexels.


The brightness in our room dissipates the gloom. It has to be that we are both in tune. We’re anchored in our ways with even better days. Our history repeats while our song plays. Making love to you as we run in all directions, run in all directions to… Everything we say and everything we do will always bring us back to me and you. Hiding in the sun, flying to the moon – it replicates the sum of me and you. Excitement all around; the noise is muted sound. The bond between us has us always bound. Making love to you…

Words: Egmond
Music: Algorrid3m & Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO