To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Egmond’s debut single This Morning, a brand new anniversary edition released on the singles 20th birthday. The original cover for the 2003 CD-single has been utilized for this new release, sporting a 20th anniversary logo.

What makes this new single release different from the previous digital release is that it also includes several bonus tracks that has not yet been made available before. A brand new remastered version of the original song is accompanied by a new single edit, which cuts the original playtime from 4:23 to 3:09.

This Morning‘s studio demo is also included here for the first time. This version of the song, from the first few studio sessions in June 2003, has never been released before and will be included on the single. The original demo of the song, recorded acoustically at home in May 2003, is also included on the release for the very first time.

Two remixes of the song were also considered for inclusion, but ultimately left off. “They’re not good enough for this release,” says the artist, who blushes. “Look they’re great for what they are, but this celebration is about the song that started it all, and I wanted to offer something new and insightful with this release that gives a bit more history on how the song started.”

The single is also be accompanied by a new music video that boasts previously recorded footage of the song: including the very first footage filmed of the song performed acoustically. Says Egmond “I had written the song over a period of 6 years, and once it was done I recorded it to hear how it would sound. I had put chords to the melody and filmed the whole thing. It’s perhaps cringeworthy today but it just shows the humble beginnings of the song.”


I see you | smiling back at me | and I wonder if your eyes so blue | really wanna see | That I need you | more and more each day | tell me will I pull this through | speak my mind and say || And I wonder | is this winter gonna stay? | This Christmas for the broken-hearted | is never going away ||| You’re so far away | I miss you dearly | You’re the line around my pain | You lived a lie I turned to rain | This Morning | In my book of days | I wrote sincerely | A promise made in lovers’ lane | “Forever yours” was washed away | This morning ||| I’m calling | but your name falls with the snow | I used to be your morning star | and the sun’s blue afterglow | A disaster | a single tragedy | in a dream behind a door ajar | sadness waits for me || And I wonder | is this sadness gonna stay | This Christmas for the broken-hearted | is never going away || Na na na na na…

Words & Music: Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO