Egmond’s first English single in 3 years is the smash hit Better Days, in conjunction with EDM artist Algorrid3m.

Originally destined to be recorded in English way back in 2013, when the two artists met online, the song Better Days soon joined Egmond’s Afrikaans album Vuil Wasgoed in 2014 and was released as a single titled Paradys. The original English demo sounded a bit tired back then, so the song was shelved in favour of the Afrikaans version. However, the track soon garnered favour online when friends and fans requested that the English version be released. Fast forward to 2017, and Better Days finally returned to the studio with rewritten lyrics.

Says Egmond, “Algorrid3m and I was out of touch for a good 2 years. Our last collab was 2015’s DJ, which turned out brilliantly. But this song was always the one that connected us, so it was great to finally get it done and try out what was originally intended to be. It was recorded in secret without telling anybody apart from producer Sandy Robbie, who began work on the track in June 2017. The moment I received the first rough sample, I finally contacted Algorrid3m to let him know it was happening at last! He was thrilled. As was I.”

The lyrics, according to Egmond, were inspired by the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. Egmond said that he associated very much with the essence of the series and was very inspired when he wrote the lyrics to the song, as he understood the struggles the characters faced as teens. “I guess with what I wrote, it was sort of like a plea to not give in whenever things aren’t going the way you want them to – but to find paradise in the sky. And live better days, as in the lyrics.”

Says Egmond, “the song’s superb production actually changed the direction of the follow up single Koebaai‘s sound which is something I’m looking forward to completing.”

The official music video was released at the end of November, while preceded by the its lyric video and actual single on Friday the 13th (of October). The lyric video features a selection of ThunderCats and Masters of the Universe action figures holding up the lyrics, which also ties in with the music video’s 80’s-inspired theme.

In 2024 the Algorrid3m Remix was picked up by BB6’s Don Letts and added to his Spotify playlist. Listen to it here

A Remix Single was also released. View the Algorrid3m Remix here.


Time flies by like lights blinding when you drive at night. Songs playing on your hifi while your thoughts take flight. Remember past reflections of this day and sigh. Noone knew where you would be, don’t cower and cry. You gotta get away, you gotta get away. And find a place in the sky we call better days. Don’t try and shy away. You need to fly away. Into the place in the sky we call better days. You gotta get away, you gotta get away. Time stands still while you’re moving on from yesterday. Melodies have you grooving but no one pressed play. Darkness ever expanding makes you want to stay. Take heart and chase your weakness out of here and say. I gotta get away, I gotta get away. And find a place in the sky you call better days. I will not shy away I need to fly away. Into the place in the sky you call better days. I gotta get away, so very far away. Discover more in the sky and have better days. Play in the shining rays, enjoy a wondrous space. Find paradise in the sky and live better days.

Words: Egmond
Music: Algorrid3m & Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO