Electric was a surprise release that only a handful of people were privileged to hear and own in 2007. Performed only once in public with co-performer Nathi Louw, the song was written on request for a famous South African clothing retail chain as part of their customer service programme.

According to the team behind the song, it was created for Egmond in 2007 by artists Thabang Makoe and Kgotso Shomang. The track was based on the demo of the original 2003 version of Dis Elektries that Egmond had recorded a demo for in 2006. The result was a spectacular house-version of the once pop dance tune and Egmond went ahead and recorded the new house-version for his debut album.

Shortly after recording Dis Elektries in mid 2007, Egmond was approached to record a song for a retail chain. He quickly wrote and recorded a demo called Electrical which was instantly loved and approved to be that year’s theme song. The title was shortened to Electric and the song was recorded with artist Nathi Louw in July of that year. Additional guitar was added by Sandy Robbie.

The song features a talking intro and a limited number of 100 copies were released on CD-single as part of the launch of the song. After the performance and release of the single, the song was shelved to focus on Egmond’s Afrikaans career.

An altered version of the song was released as digital single in 2014, complete with promotional music video featuring a shortened version of the song. It was later included in the 2015 Greatest Hits album, 1 Dosyn and on the EP LightsBlinding in 2017. The references and lyrics written for the 2007 release were omitted to make the song more commercial.

In 2020, while releasing new music videos for the album tracks off of his album Remixed, the idea to finish the partially completed music video was born. Yet after its initial playback, the recording became a solo record. The 2013 filmed material, which was left incomplete because featured artist Nathi Louw was unavailable at the time, was revisited to serve as the base material used in the new video. The video was considered completed in May, however after initial playback the video went back into production. With added effects, the music video was completed in early June.

It was announced for release on June 30th to celebrate Egmond’s birthday, with preorders going live a week prior. The video, a completely new take on the 2014 version (which has seen a limited online release only), boasts a range of new effects and footage that has been left in the drawer for years. According to the artist the song never had its time to shine and with its official single release and accompanying video, the song’s unintentional delay paid off when it was released 13 years after recording it.

The single was meant to also feature a unique B-side: the demo of Egmond’s then-upcoming single Everything We Say featuring Algorrid3m; however this was only available on Deezer and dropped from the general release at the last minute to be utilized later. The original promo video for the single included a reference to the bonus b-side. A video for that demo was also created with references to this release. A release of the video has not yet been announced.

In 2023, the singer happened across a report that showed that Electric had received rotation on Johannesburg-based South African radio station, Hot102.7FM, in 2021, a year after its release. To celebrate the news, a post on social media reported this saying “I have no idea how this happened, but I’m thrilled to find out Hot102.7FM played my song ELECTRIC – way back in 2021! Better late than never – but thank you guys! Glad you liked it.”


I see you / Walking around so lost astray / I feel you / The urge for fashion in the way / I’m smiling / I say that you look good today / No crying / I’ll go the extra mile and say // Your look is electric / Your style is electric / Your taste is electric / Look sharp, you’re electric // Results in / The superstars came out to play / You will win / Hear everybody say // Let’s be grand / Be a star / Take a stand / We’ll go far / Give it time / Understand / Dress up / Smile / Lend a hand…

Words: Egmond & Nathi Louw *
Applies only to the 2007/2014 release
Music: Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO