Egmond’s debut English EP was released in 2017, titled Lights Blinding. The collection, led by the newly recording smash hit single Better Days, consisted of all of the singer’s English recordings, including a previously unreleased song.

Proudly African was recorded in 2007 and makes its debut on the EP. The song was originally recorded as a jingle for a retail chain, with backing vocals by Pumi, Kefilwe and Sonto – all employees of said company. The track has been modified for inclusion on the EP and excludes the references of the jingle.

The EP also includes the artist’s first two English singles, namely 2003’s This Morning and an updated version of the 2007’s limited edition CD-single Electric (ft Nathi Louw). Like Proudly AfricanElectric was recorded for a retail group. It was later released as an updated commercial version in 2014 and also appeared on the 1 Dosyn album, both which has since been retired. In 2020 a solo version of the song was released as a single.

An alternate version of Better Days closes the EP, exclusive to this release. The Algorrid3m Remix, which expands on this alternate version, was released as a single in November 2017.

Plans to release an updated version of the EP in the future remains in effect, and the tracklisting is set to include other English recordings, including Everything We Say.


1) Better Days (ft Algorrid3m)
2) This Morning
3) Electric (ft Nathi Louw)
4) Proudly African
5) Better Days (ft Algorrid3m) – Alternate Intro



• Words and Music: Egmond, except (1 and 5) music also by Algorrid3m and (3) words also by Kgomotso Makokwe
• Recorded between Jun 2003 and Oct 2017.
• Recorded at Air Studios (2 – 4) and Egg-Studios (1, 5).
• Final production and mix by Bernie Millar (2 – 4) and Sandy Robbie (1, 5).
• Original production and programming by Algorrid3m (1, 5), Thabang Makoe and Kgotso Shomang (3), Renier Henn (4).
• Additional production and programming by Sandy Robbie (1, 5).
• Backing vocals by Glenda Millar (2).
• Backing vocals by Pumi, Kefilwe and Sonto (4).
• Electric guitar by Sandy Robbie (2, 3).
• Algorrid3m appears on Better Days.
• Nathi Louw appears on Electric.

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