Following the success of the 2007 Electric single Egmond recorded for a South African retail chain’s training programme, the artist was approached again by the management of another group to record a store jingle for their 7 stores in Gauteng and the Freestate. An inhouse competition was launched for its employees to write lyrics for the song, and winner Kgomotso Makokwe’s lyrics were incorporated into what would become the song Proudly African.

Egmond presented the backing track for Gee Voor Jy Groet and proposed that the song be “Africanized” with additional instruments. Producer Bernie Millar took it upon himself to change the backtrack. Three employees, Pumi, Kefilwe and Sonto, were invited to take part in the recording and lent their voices to the choruses.

The jingle, which was the chorus portion of the song, played in their 7 stores, while the fully produced song was also added to the stores’ instore playlists.

In 2017, ten years after the song first played in public, the track was revisited for the EP Lights Blinding. All references to the store were removed and the song was further edited to a new commercially friendly track. The track was scheduled to be the follow up single to Better Days, but ultimately shelved in favour of Melkweg Reënboog which became an unexpected radio hit and eventually went to #1 in 2018.


With the beat of the drum, all the spirits shall hum, calling only to wake beauty more than a snowflake. There’s a single place that gets the blood flowing fast. There’s a song in our pulse with the style of a true waltz. Mama Africa chose her dwelling here, you’re welcome my dear. Found yourself in a bind? We will help you to find – here is your perfect gift and it’s our belief to give you what you need; clap your hands, stamp your feet. Free yourself here and more, inspiration galore. We’re proudly African. We surprise and delight the world. All creation starts here. Creativity near! Vibrant colours now flow. Feel our warmth as the sun glows. Come alive in our light. We’ll surprise and delight. Browse our halls for a while, passionately we all smile.

Words: Egmond & Kgomotso Makokwe
Music: Egmond
© Copyright SAMRO